whos archiving.why they archiving.who they archiving. what is it about archiving.who you archiving for.1

the archive functions2

to remember

so it is not forgotten3

to understand

to assess reality4

where and how it is lived (again)

to organise and strategise

to act urgently

on our histories and futures5

that feed into our experiences of the everyday-being with this world

to reflect6

and be critical of our lived conditions

to reflect and

engage what's radical

to engage

what's possible

to reflect perpetually

with the living and the Dead7

to reconstitute



our selves and

collective memories

1.V (2018) My journey into archiving is a story of encounters. I started with my mother's recollections.Then I began to trust my own recollections. and then I began laying ground for what is significant.For me. And for you.

2.Amy Sall (2020) "If one one engages with the archive, handles it with care, asks of it certain questions, we are given glimpses/hints into how to imagine + create a better future" Accessible here https://twitter.com/amy_sall/status/1223607151450566659?s=12

3.Shefon (2020)"The past is demanding to be remembered" Accessible here https://twitter.com/byshefon/status/1278676912324444163?s=12

4.Amy Sall (2020) "Part of being invested in future is moving past nostalgia (nostalgia is surface, and can be dangerous), and closely reading the past. I believe in imagining possibilities for myself and for us. And I believe in looking back for some of the answers and a bit of guidance." Accessible here https://twitter.com/amy_sall/status/1223607304827940865?s=12

5.Ayishat Akanbi (2020) "Explore the ideas that make you tense." Accessible here https://twitter.com/ayishat_akanbi/status/1274495806410764288?s=12

6.V (2020) Archiving has me concerned about how I remember the things and events that are relegated to the past, how we enable matters in History to speak as they live continuously in our lives. How we live in remembrance of our past lives.

7.V (2020)Accessing our interiority is accessing our senses of belonging. I feel don't i?

8.Carson Cole Arthur (2020) "do not the dead also struggle to survive?" Accessible here https://twitter.com/carsoncoleart/status/1264551511754969090?s=12